Terms and Conditions


a)    I will provide a one-off, detailed, itemised, personal assessment of the work submitted, which will include comments on the following:

-       Plot Structure

-       Story Development

-       Point of View

-       Characterisation

-       Tone

-       Voice and Dialogue

-       Pacing

-       Setting

-       Readability

-       Focus

b)    I estimate that the assessment will generally be between 1000-5000 words in length depending on the length and complexity of the work submitted.

c)     The assessment will be sent via email, and I will aim to respond within 7-14 days of the receipt of the work. Please note, however, that occasionally, due to other commitments, this response time may need to be extended, in which case I will inform the relevant client or clients of the situation via email.

d)    The assessment will not include grammatical notes – ie I will not correct grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.

e)    All work submitted should be double-spaced in 14-point font for ease of reading.

f)     The length of the work submitted should not exceed the ‘word slot’ that has been booked and paid for on the website (eg If your work is 5300 words long, you must book and pay for a 6000 word slot and not a 5000 word slot).

g)    The work submitted will be treated in the strictest confidence.

h)    The copyright of the work submitted automatically belongs to the author of the work, and remains so at all times.

i)     The copyright of the assessment remains with me (Mark Morris), and permission should be sought from me if the author of the submitted work wishes to quote any part of the assessment (eg to agents, on personal websites or on social media).

j)     I realise that receiving feedback is a sensitive process, and that clients may not always entirely agree with my assessment of their work. However I would expect clients to remain professional and courteous at all times, and I reserve the right to cease working with a client if his/her manner should become offensive or abusive.

k)    Due to time constraints I will be unable to enter into follow-up correspondence with a client once I have provided them with my assessment of their work.